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  2. How can I easily create a note card template using Word for Mac?
  3. How can I make flashcards with Microsoft Word's templates? - Answers
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However, to not completely forget the cards, you should include them again after a little while. The good news is that each time you reviewed a card and found it easy, you can wait a little longer before you review the card. Over time the facts will be anchored deeply in your memory, requiring only very infrequent reviews.

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This process is called Spaced Repetition and was described by the German science journalist Sebastian Leitner as Leitner System in the s. Flashcard Hero All Posts Deutsch. The Flashcard Hero Blog App news, updates and study tips. How to make your own flashcards Flashcards are a great way to memorize facts, wether you are learning a new language, studying for Med school, Psychology, business, law, or any other subject where you have to study and recall lots of facts in a short amount of time. What a basic flashcard looks like A typical flash card consists of two parts: Class Registers.

The Quickest Way – Use Index Card Templates

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How can I easily create a note card template using Word for Mac?

Make your own Vocabulary Flash Cards Use these Vocabulary Flash Cards templates to make your own flash cards for your specific word sets. Default Settings: Flash Cards per A4 page: Arial Black. Font size: Example 3x3 flash cards used for a Spanish lesson. Example 8x2 vocabulary flash cards for use in a Spanish class.

Making Flash Cards using MSWord (#1 of 2)

Flash Card Templates Maths Resources: Arial Black Font size: Replace the default text in the box with "Generic Name". Click outside the box to remove the insertion point from the boxl leaving the box itself selected. Press command-D to duplicate the box. Position the duplicate, then replace "Generic" with "Brand".

If you want Generic Name and Brand Name to remain in the boxes when you add the actual names, press a return after each to place the added text on the next line, then go on to the next step.

How can I make flashcards with Microsoft Word's templates? - Answers

Repeat for the other box. Then go go the next step. Click on the Pages button and add a Text page. Use the handles to resize the text box on this page to fit the 4 x 6 page. Delete the second and third paragraph of the filler text. Position and resize the box to fill the printing area of the page. Click on the first page thumbnail in the sidebar. Name it Front, choose first page only. Repeat for the second page, naming it Back.

What a basic flashcard looks like

Name it 4x6 Flash card, then click Save. To use the template: Open the template.

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  4. For each drug, Add a Front page and a Back page. Enter the two names for the drug on the front page and the description on the back page. When ready to print: Press command-P. In the Print dialogue, click the menu that reads Copies and Pages, and choose Paper handling.