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Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Drag and drop not working as expected on Mac. Hello, I'm having an issue where ImageJ does not open every selected file when I attempt to drag and drop multiple files at the same time.

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In other words, when I select in the Finder, say, 6 files, and drag the selected files all at once onto the ImageJ menu bar, only 4 will actually get opened. This worked fine until I updated ImageJ to 1. I've noted this behavior for. Mac OS Re: Drag and drop not working as expected on Mac. Hi Wayne, Thanks for looking into this. The ImageJ home path did not have the issue you mentioned, so I don't think that's the problem, unfortunately. I tried to move the app out of the folder and back anyway, to no avail. A few more details: When opening multiple files via drag-and-drop, it always happens that two files less than the number selected get opened successfully e.

Quote Tue Jul 02, pm Post Seconding Teel's question and comment: I've used Scapple to gather images for a long time, and I'm pretty sure I'd drag and drop them from the finder.

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In the current version, Scapple behaves as you describe, Teel: only Copy and Paste from Preview, for instance allows an image to appear in Scapple. I rely on Scapple's ability with images: has this changed in the newest version? The extra steps makes the process more cumbersome.

I realize people want to be able to drag over file links me too, sometimes --is there a keyboard combination that can copy the image rather than the link? I haven't found it yet. Thanks for your info. Contact AmberV. I noticed that if I drag from a different program like Firefox , I still get an image dropped into the board as pixels.

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I found a workaround that works better than opening the image in Preview: simply copy from Finder and then paste into Scapple. I only tried with images that are rather small to begin with. I've never have this problem but right after updating Scapple into recent version, there's something wrong importing images from finder.

Re: Drag and drop not working as expected on Mac

Quote Thu Jul 04, am Post Had the same problem. Quote Thu Jul 04, pm Post Same problem here. I tried dragging and dropping the same file in different types:.

I only see the url in Scapple. I also tried copying the pdf file by selecting the icon and using the keyboard shortcuts Control - C and then pasting it in Scapple Control - V.

In this case, the icon of the. Teel's workaround "I did find that if I open the image in Preview, use Preview's Copy and Scapple's Paste, the image successfully appears in the Scapple document—so I have a workaround for now. Quote Fri Jul 05, am Post This happens only sometimes for me. I'm using High Sierra Have a nice day.

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Quote Mon Jul 15, pm Post I am a new user of scapple, too, and have the same issue. Quote Wed Jul 17, am Post Hi all, I just reported this as a bug report and linked to this thread.

Can't drag and drop photos on Mac

Lets hope for a quick fix! We do not need any more confirmations or bug reports sent in. Thanks for the helpfulness though, it is appreciated, I just don't want anyone else to waste their time testing this or filing reports. Contact parf.