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  1. 2017 – 2018 Top 6 Best Free Mac Cleaners - Clean and Speed Up Mac
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Disk Drill can analyze your storage space and locate unused, large, and duplicate files to free up your storage effortlessly. It can also monitor the health of your storage device and provide you with timely alerts in case it detects early signs of malfunction.

2017 – 2018 Top 6 Best Free Mac Cleaners - Clean and Speed Up Mac

After you launch it, you will see a list of available storage devices. Select the one you want to recover files from and click on the Recover button. You can download Disk Drill for free to see what it can do for you. All disk clean-up and duplicate finder features within Disk Drill are free. Onyx is a versatile Mac OS X maintenance and cleanup utility that can verify the structure of the file system on the startup volume, repair disk permissions, configure certain parameters hidden from the system and from certain apps, empty system, user, Internet, and font caches, forcefully empty the trash, rebuild Launch Services, CoreDuet database, Spotlight and Mail indexes, and more.

These features make it one of the best free Mac cleaner apps. Onyx is available in several different versions, each compatible with a specific version of the Mac OS X operating system. As a free Mac cleaner, Onyx accomplishes a lot without asking for anything in return. We recommend it not just as a Mac cleaner but also as a general maintenance tool. Luckily, there are apps such as AppCleaner, which solves the issue elegantly and for free.

Top 5 Free Mac Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

AppCleaner is a small utility with only a single screen, where you can drop installed apps. Anytime you drop an app onto the AppCleaner, the utility automatically finds all files associated with the app you want to delete and removes them. Doing so will greatly reduce the number of junk files on your computer, helping it work as new for a long time. Menu Disk Drill. To understand how Mac cleaners work, you need to understand why Macs become slower with age: There are many features built-in it, such as remove junk files, duplicate files, large files, etc.

It uses RAW algorithm which helps in deep scanning. You can uninstall apps and at the same time optimize or manage the system add-ons and extensions along with performance and CPU usage, etc. In fact the entire clean up is done in mere 3 steps which is hardly to be found with any other tools available on internet. Just download the tool and from the main tool screen, check out the tabs listed on the left hand side of the screen. Take a look at: The first core function that CleanGeeker offers is Junk Clean, this could clean up to 12 junk files or cache files on system and Apps.

Including App cache, log files, language files, broken login items,Browser cache,Old backups,trash files and downloads, etc.

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CleanGeeker get rid of all the junk files and data that are slowing down you computer. With just one click, your PC will be cleaner and the performance of the system will be boosted. The second feature that's provided in CleanGeeker is the Duplicates Finder. This feature will scan your entire Mac system and iTunes and will find all the duplicate data including music, videos, files, etc. Let's see how it locates and remove duplicate files on Mac. The third feature that I really loved about this tool is to find the largest and most old files in the system.

After doing a quick scan with the program, I was able to find 27 GB of unused large and old files. CleanGeeker categorized them in a very well-mannered and I could sort them by size and could preview them individually. Another powerful feature that makes this Mac cleaner great is the uninstaller, this could completely remove unwanted apps that won't uninstall. What's more, it also can remove all files, settings, preference, folders that associated with the application without damaging the system.

CleanGeeker has a free version that allows you to clean your disk space up to MB, and The full version allows you to access all advanced features including Smart Scan, Junk Clean, Duplicate Finder, App Remover, File erase and others. When it comes to removing malwares, junk files, monitoring system performance, there is scarcely any other software which can replace the CleanMyMac X.

Without a doubt it can search every corner of your system to trace out duplicate, junk files, outdated caches, so that you can eliminate them. Besides, it can manage applications and files, it always askes for your permission before deleting any file and offers a due of Uninstaller and Updater, the former one to uninstall outdated apps, and the latter one to update it. Read more: As the name suggests this is really genius Mac cleaning tool to all your Mac related problems, especially the clearance of junk files.

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Have you ever wondered what impedes the usual system performance? Well with all the space occupied, what you are left for the MacOS to carry out operation is very minimal, which drags along all the troubles. Now Drive Genius is crafted by a company which is expert if data recovery. So how does it work exactly? You can read more from my Dr. Cleaner review here. Get Dr. Cleaner Mac App Store. The app looks attractive and is simple to use, as you can see from its main navigation panel on the left part of the main interface.

Like other cleaning apps, MacClean has a number of tools for the job as you can see from this screenshot. Version 3.

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Most scans were quite fast, usually completed in seconds — very helpful, as Adrian said. We gave it a 4-star rating in both Effectiveness and Support they were responsive via email tickets. The latest version, 3. A scanning result of DaisyDisk 4. A quick scan showed me that GB had been used. The funnest part is that DaisyDisk shows those files in a sunburst diagram.

Free up hard drive space with these Mac disk cleanup apps

You can then move the unneeded files to the collector located on the bottom left corner , or directly drag and drop them there. Unfortunately, deleting files or applications from the collector is restricted in the free trial as you can see from this popup warning. The DaisyDisk app was reviewed and covered by 9to5mac , MacRumors , and a few other prestigious magazines.

I especially liked and appreciated the design of the app, which gives me a different and cool feeling. Just save two cups of coffee per month and you get this beautiful app — totally worth it. For example, when I select Documents, macOS automatically sorts them based on size from big to small. I can then remove those old large files to free up some space. It requires OS X Main interface of IObit MacBooster, version 5. All of those features are categorized into four main modules as you can see from the main interface above: System Risks, Cleaner, Booster, and Tools.

The program looks attractive, with three main dashboards clearly laid out in the center, resembling a car dashboard. A closer examination revealed that most of those issues were privacy data e. I regard those as a false report. Photo Sweeper is most useful for those who are used to syncing photos across your mobile devices without cleaning them; you can use this feature to locate those duplicates or similar files and remove them safely. This should help you free up a decent amount of storage considering these days digital assets are larger in size.

In general, MacBooster is a nice app that aims to clean and speed up a Mac machine. Its features are a combination of what CleanMyMac and Gemini offer, and even go beyond. However, choosing the best Mac cleaner software is not simply a game of comparing the number of features. Personally, I still prefer the user experience of CleanMyMac and Gemini, and recommend them because they are more lightweight in nature, as well as the way MacPaw markets their products.

The app runs on Mac computers with OS X IObit offers support via email, and they have an active forum specifically dedicated to monitoring customer feedback. The Cleanup interface of MacFly Pro, version 1. MacFly Pro is a new player in the Mac cleaning app market. I installed and ran the app on my High Sierra-based Mac without any problem. After a quick system scan, I was surprised to see that the app discovered 2. Out of the 2. Plus, the cost will add up quickly if you commit to its subscription-based pricing.

CCleaner Free for macOS, version 1. The interface and feature set on both the Windows and macOS versions are almost the same, except that the Windows version has a registry cleaner feature. You can use CCleaner to quickly remove your web browser cache files, history, cookies, etc. Another reason that might hold you back from considering CCleaner is the recent malware issue involved with the app.

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You can read more about that in this TechCrunch report ; I covered the issue here as well. OnyX version 3. OnyX — OnyX is a freeware app that gets lots of love in the Apple community. Its user interface looks quite different from the other apps reviewed here, with lots of checkboxes and buttons to click. Just a side note: It definitely caught my nerve when my MacBook froze up for about ten seconds while the app verified my startup disk. AppCleaner version 3. AppCleaner — Like its name indicates, AppCleaner is a utility specially designed to help users clean unwanted apps and related files associated with those apps.

Pro tip: AppCleaner supports batch operations, meaning you can drag multiple unwanted apps and drop them into the main zone.

I found this very efficient see the screenshot above: You first open AppCleaner and drag the app to the left part of your screen. Then, just open Applications and select those third-party apps you want to remove, and drag them into AppCleaner. The apps and their associated files will be removed immediately. A loading result in Disk Inventory X, version 1. I almost gave up on Disk Inventory X because it took about five minutes to fully load the content on my startup disk with During this process, it seemed like the app would stay in the loading process forever.